a picture is worth …… words(s)

A picture is worth ...... words(s)

A Solo Show of Artworks by Suresh Chandra Jangid

Exploring Modernity and Tradition

In today’s modern world, people are fortunate to have access to knowledge and scientific analysis that contribute to a diverse and cosmopolitan culture. Despite this change, there’s still a connection to our roots, making it fascinating to explore the origin, evolution, and redundancy of life. According to renowned art historian Edith Tomory, great art is not just an expression but serves as a means of communication, and words are crucial in comprehending different aspects of life.

The Communicative Nature of Art

However, communication can also be visual, with words reciprocating some images and vice versa. Contemporary art is not limited to the picture’s surface; it has an aura that reverberates and encompasses multiple connotations. In ancient India, the sages were referred to as seers of Mantras, as they illuminated a particular meaning of the mantras, while others remained to be revealed. This may be a form of symbolism, which could be why a painting is called Alekhyem and described as written instead of painted.

Visual Communication and Symbolism

At this juncture, there must be an intimate connection between words and images. The works created stem from this type of inquiry during the creative process. It involves communication through various forms, colors, symbols, or words. Sometimes, a specific form is recognized, but suddenly, an adage flashes in the mind, and the artist begins to question that form. In response, it suggests some words, which, in turn, suggest some other form.

The Intimate Connection Between Words and Images

This process brings immense joy to the artist, and it’s something that everyone should indulge in, enjoying peaceful conversation amidst the noisy world. In conclusion, people should continue to explore and appreciate the intimate connection between words and images. As humanity evolves, it’s important not to forget our roots and instead make an effort to understand the origin of our existence. The process of communicating through different forms, colors, symbols, or words is a joyful one that can help find peace and meaning amidst the chaos of the world we live in.

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