Antra Srivastav’s Surreal Odyssey

Antra Srivastav's Surreal Odyssey with Gita, Ramayan, and Kabir at AIFACS Delhi in November

Artist antra srivastav

Delhi-based artist Antra Srivastava, a graduate with honors in English Literature, has been practicing art for over 25 years, seamlessly blending surrealism with poetic expressions. As an avid traveler, she infuses diverse experiences into her paintings, often drawing inspiration from nature’s dynamic energy. Her work primarily revolves around inner reflections, reflecting her sensitivity towards observations, beliefs, and a vast range of experiences.

Harmonious Symphony: Antra's Artistic Exploration

Antra’s compositions are characterized by a harmonious interplay of blues and greens blending poetically with the earthy tones, which grow into space and take their own forms carrying a distinct energy of their own. Thus, evoking a sense of movement and lending a sense of stability at the same time. She does not treat art, and life in isolation and considers it absolutely necessary to experience life to be able to paint. Her upcoming exhibit at AIFACS Gallery in New Delhi, starting on November 17, explores subjects ranging from sensitive observations to philosophical themes like the Gita, Ramayan, Kabir, scriptures, mythological stories, zodiacs, and seasons.

Surreal Depths: Antra's Artistic Odyssey into the Human Psyche

She seeks to transcend the boundaries of rationality in her exploration of the human psyche, considering surrealism as a transformative and spiritually rich form of visual expression. As in her words, “I remain both a participant and witness in the entire creative process; the process which proves to be an opportunity to know the creative energy within. It opens up new dimensions hidden inside me.” For Antra, art and life are intertwined, and she believes in experiencing life fully to create meaningful art. She describes the creative process as an opportunity to tap into the creative energy within, unlocking hidden dimensions.

Exploring the Mind's Tapestry: Antra's 'Dimension' Series and Artistic Outreach

In her “Dimension” series, Antra delves into the depths of the human mind, capturing the drama within both the conscious and subconscious realms. The conscious mind contains thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes that we are aware of, while the subconscious holds hidden feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories.

As an army wife, Antra has conducted art workshops to promote the healing and uplifting power of art, both for the armed forces families and the civilian population. Her work has been showcased extensively across India and internationally since 1999, and she has collaborated with an acclaimed Iraqi poet on the book “Poetic Palette,” featuring her paintings inspired by the poet’s verses.
Antra’s art collections grace the walls of the famous Film Director Anurag Kashyap, actor Anushka Sen, various embassies, VIP chambers, Army Mess, senior government offices, corporates, and private collectors in India and abroad. Her art is also displayed at The Royal Itarana Palace in Alwar. Antra has been sponsored and promoted by eminent International gallerist Mona Youssef in International shows.

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