Celebrating India’s splendor in acrylic

Celebrating India's Splendor in Acrylic

artist Wilhelmina Quaynor artist Mina


Wilhelmina Quaynor, who also goes by the MINA, is an accomplished artist with a lifelong dedication to creativity. Born in 1964, her artistic journey began early in Ghana, before life took her to the UK, and then finally to New Delhi. While pursuing a course in the Delhi Collage of Art in 2021, she developed a passion for acrylic and pastel mediums, adopting acrylic as her primary canvas.

Incredible India :

MINA's enchantment with India's remarkable monuments and sights have inspired her to create the "Incredible India" art collection. Her inaugural solo exhibition, "Incredible India," held at the India Habitat Centre in September 2023, beautifully captured the grandeur, colors, and devotion that define India's remarkable sights.

Work at Display :

Now, viewers are invited to experience the second chapter of her Indian journey with the "Incredible India 2" exhibition, curated by Yashica Salvan. Running from November 3 to 9, 2023, this exhibit explores the essence of Varanasi, the Holy City for Hindu Devotees, in breathtaking detail. MINA's artwork reflects her belief in the timeless beauty of nature and architecture, transcending the constraints of time and space.

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