Corruption And Crime In The Society :

Corruption And Crime In The Society

Sunday was a special day for the theater lovers of Gurugram. Delhi-based theatre organization “Mask Players Art Group” staged a play “Aadhi Raat Ke Baad” under the direction of Chandra Shekhar Sharma at Rangparivartan Auditorium. It was a serious presentation and its suspense from the beginning was successful in keeping the audience engaged. Written many years ago by the well-known playwright late Shankar Shesh, this play seems equally accurate in today’s social system. In the play, a thief enters a judge’s house to steal so that he can soon send him behind the jail? The judge is also surprised to meet this thief that why does he want this?

corruption and crime

The layers of the story slowly open up and reach a serious murder scene. There are a total of three characters in the play, the work of all the artists was excellent. Shivdutt Pandey lodged a strong presence in the thief ‘s character. Young actor Manoj impressed with his performance in the role of an old judge. Vineet Tripathi also acted well in the role of a neighbour. Nikhil Jha’s lighting was effective. Manoj’s support in set design, Mrinalini Sharma in Make-up, Mamta Rani in costume and Rishika Negi in music operations was commendable. Director Chandra Shekhar Sharma’s design was successful in making the presentation effective.

corruption and crime

In the realm of art and performance, the convergence of talent and dedication was vividly showcased. From the inauguration of RJ Rekha’s poetry collection, adorned with 70 poignant verses, to the compelling theatre production “Aadhi Raat Ke Baad” presented by the “Mask Players Art Group,” the essence of creativity shone brightly. The words penned by RJ Rekha drew admiration, with her sensitive heart spilling emotions onto paper. Meanwhile, on the stage, “Aadhi Raat Ke Baad” unfolded its layers, seamlessly connecting a thief’s intrigue with a judge’s bewilderment, culminating in a profound murder mystery. These events not only celebrated artistic expression but also exemplified the power of storytelling to resonate across time and societal landscapes.


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