Ripples Of Reflection

Artist Nikita Agarwal Brings Vibrant Varanasi’s Charm to New Delhi in September

Artist Nikita Agarwal

Nikita Agarwal

Title:- Ripples of Reflection

Date:- 1-4 September 2023

Time:- 11 AM – 7 PM

Venue:- Open Palm Court, IHC Delhi

Honoring Nature's Essence: Nikita Agarwal's Artistic Journey

Kolkata-based self-taught artist, Nikita Agarwal has been passionately pursuing art since her childhood. Her artistic journey began with translating her vision on paper first, and then onto canvas using a palette of soft and bold colors. Nikita believes that creativity can strike at any moment, guiding her artistic instincts as she maneuvers her way through the canvas. Reminiscing childhood, growing up in a house surrounded by trees in Raipur, Nikita’s art beautifully reflects her deep love for nature. For instance, when painting a sunset, she skillfully captures the shifting hues of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon, bringing those fleeting moments back to life on her canvas.

Ripples Of Reflection

Nature's Embrace in Nikita's Art: A Glimpse into Her Inspirations

Quoting Claude Monet, “The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration,” Nikita emphasizes on how her artistic creations seamlessly blend with her profound connection to the natural world. When not painting, yoga is her spiritual nourishment, a practice she embraced at the age of fifteen. Yoga, for Nikita, is more than just a word; it’s an emotion that connects to her artistic journey, providing both energy and tranquility as she continues to evolve and embrace a better version of herself.

From Birthday Cards to Canvas: Nikita's Colorful Artistic Roots

Nikita’s artistic roots trace back to her early fascination with painting birthday cards for loved ones, a passion that surpassed her interest in reading textbooks. Colors were her cherished gifts, marking the beginning of her creative path.

Upcoming Solo Exhibition: Exploring Varanasi's Spirit Through Art

After exhibiting her artworks in Kolkata, Nikita eagerly announces her first solo exhibition scheduled to be held in the first week of September at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Her exhibition will feature abstract pieces inspired by Varanasi ghats, capturing the spiritual aura, blending rich blues and purples for contemplation with vibrant oranges and reds for ritualistic fervor. Her paintings portray Varanasi as a blend of old-world charm and modern spirit, inviting viewers to experience this unique fusion.

Abstract Interpretation: Capturing Varanasi's Essence on Canvas

The techniques used in her paintings encompass bold brushstrokes to capture the vibrancy of Varanasi’s colors, from the dark old ghats, ochre and orange robes of sadhus to the vivid marigold offerings and the resplendent blues of the Ganges. This abstract journey is an ode to Varanasi’s spiritual significance, a narrative built on the play of light, shadow, and architectural motifs, to provide an artistic perspective of an ageless city where spirituality, culture, and history converge. Boats, symbolic of life along the Ganges, add further depth to the narrative, connecting the past, present, and the ever-flowing river (nature) of time.

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