From 21st to 27th March 2023 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

             Mumbai Bureau

Artist Nayanaa Kanodia

“After experiencing the trauma, shock, and melancholy brought about by the pandemic years, we have now reconciled ourselves with our journey through these challenging times. Our current existence is characterized by a focus on materiality, the coexistence of joy and sorrow, and a touch of humor. I absorb the diverse range of stimuli from our surroundings with an open-minded perspective, comprehending them with a blend of cognition and humor. I visualize the point of convergence between the illusions of thoughts and the foresight of imagination. Recognized as a leading artist within the L’Art Naif genre, my vibrant artworks serve as a representation of the distinctiveness of the Indian experience, where the process of Westernization occurred without eradicating the fundamental traditional aspects of our identity, which remain deeply embedded within Indian society.


Through my vividly colored paintings, I present figures that gaze directly out of the canvas, triggering a reflective and contemplative response in the viewer’s mind. This interaction gradually dissolves the duality between observer and observed. A central theme in my work is the incorporation of multiple narratives within a single frame. I depict the vibrant symbols of everyday life, intricate patterns, and meticulous details, often embedding a picture within another picture. This approach symbolizes the inherent complexity of reality and the perplexing nature of our experiences. I am inclined towards crafting imaginative renditions of familiar scenes, encompassing both rural and urban utopian settings. These compositions encapsulate a specific moment, revealing entire histories and interconnections. Time is a crucial element in my artistic exploration; my paintings capture the essence of movement frozen in stillness. To fully grasp the depth and intricacy of my vision, one must relinquish conventional societal notions and keenly observe the interplay of relationships and elements at play.

The projected images act as a veneer, concealing an infinite array of experiences and interpretations. Beyond the meticulously precise yet often misunderstood exterior, lies a world that is unfiltered, authentic, and often absurd, evoking astonishment as its familiarity dawns upon us. Despite the allure of luxurious domestic comforts, humans remain intertwined with nature. This is where ideas flow, senses awaken, and we come to terms with both our existence and our destiny. I delve into this facet within my visual storytelling. My body of work serves as a testament to the profound connection humans share with nature—a bond that enables the rediscovery of innocence, offering solace through the tranquility of our surroundings. Even though some paintings are set indoors, they seamlessly integrate trees, foliage, and birds, evoking the luminosity and sensations akin to wandering through an embellished garden.”


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