Art exhibition ‘Veil Unveil’

Showcasing Indian and Korean Artists: A Journey Through Sculpture, Painting, and Form at KCC Delhi from December 13

Art lovers in Delhi can bear witness to the enchanting visuals of ‘Veil Unveil,’ an art exhibition displaying the interesting works of three distinguished artists: Devendra Shukla, Jang Hee Mun, and Parmod K. Mann.

The rich tapestry of ‘Veil Unveil,’ a group art exhibition featuring the distinctive works of both Indian Parmod K. Mann, Jang Hee Mun, and Devendra Shukla, is set to open its doors to viewers in Delhi at the Korean Culture Centre on December 13, 2023. Set to run till February 5, 2024, it is a unique multidisciplinary journey into art and culture, and explores the interplay between the hidden and the exposed.

Shukla’s vibrant Indian-inspired paintings blend cosmic influences with positive emotions, inviting open interpretation. Mann’s bronze and stone sculptures skillfully merge human figures with mythological elements, echoing Henri Matisse’s geometric boldness. Jang Hee Mun, a South Korean artist in India, offers a rebellious twist to traditional Korean painting, combining modernism with oriental motifs. Together, their diverse styles create an immersive experience, transcending cultural and artistic boundaries and encouraging viewers to explore individual perspectives.

The group show invites one to witness the convergence of these diverse artistic expressions, promising a visual journey through the realms of sculpture, painting, and abstract forms.

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