Inside Outside: Kavita Singh Kale’s Art Serves as a Beacon of Hope & Healing

Inside Outside by Kavita Singh Kale at Visual Arts Gallery from 23rd-29th Dec'23

The Alumna of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and the College of Art, Delhi University, Kavita Singh Kale is an artist, filmmaker, author and illustrator. She brings a wealth of industry experience, with artistic pursuits ranging from transmedia art projects to contributions to over fifty children’s books and animated films. Her design and artistic body of work has graced national and international platforms, including literature, art, design, film festivals, museums, and galleries.

In response to the unforeseen pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, Kavita found solace and expression in her “Inside-Outside” drawing series, a poignant exploration of abstract emotions within the confines of her environment. This drawing series unfolds as a personal odyssey- delicately navigating the nuances of the collective predicament of experiences of society in general, during this phase. As a daily ritual – a deliberate effort was made to nurture mental wellness through the therapeutic practice of art that compensated social interaction.


Shared through social media, the “Inside-Outside” drawings transcend individual expression evolving into a mesmerizing performance art experiment that resonated- particularly with women. The surreal dreamscapes portrayed in the drawings became a universal language, unveiling unexpected commonalities. 

Appreciation flowed, and a revelation unfolded — personal expression had woven a tapestry of common and relatable emotions, that brought dialogues among various individuals through the chain of messages on social media platforms. 


In her recent series of drawings titled “Brutal” Kavita has depicted an inner state of conflict. Her artistic interventions draw inspiration from the Indian miniature paintings to express the inner feeling of fighting against the odds. “Brutal” is an attempt to re-interpret particular miniature paintings that depict gore events to look naive and fierce. The same sensibility has been extracted and put into the contemporary context to portray an internal state of emotional turmoil. The drawings portraying herself as a warrior, invite the viewer to interpret them through a different perspective.


Now, propelled by this connection, this series seeks to broaden its impact. Moving beyond the realm of art, it aims to explore the mental health benefits of drawing and painting, aligning itself with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #3 on Mental Health and Well-being. The endeavour has become a beacon of hope and healing, emphasizing the therapeutic power of art and creative expression, through the mediation of collective dialogue about well-being.


Kavita, who is also a co-founder of an interdisciplinary art studio, Underground Worm Art & Design, is set to showcase her recent drawing series titled, “Inside-Outside,” from December 23 to December 29, 2023, at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 

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