“KALAVRIKSH 2024 – A Multidisciplinary Art Exhibitionby the Faculty of the College of Art, Delhi”

“KALAVRIKSH 2024 - A Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition by the Faculty of the College of Art, Delhi"

The rich tapestry of “KALAVRIKSH 2024 A group art exhibition featuring the distinctive works of 25 faculty members of the College of Art is set to open its doors to viewers in Delhi at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhawan from January 1 to January 15, 2024, it is a unique multidisciplinary journey into art and culture, and explores the interplay between the hidden and the exposed.In this exhibition, convergence of the artists’ diverse styles offers an immersive experience transcending cultural and artistic boundaries, frequently sparking interpretations and artistic epiphanies.

“The essence of my artwork is inspired from the places I have travelled, lived and experienced. As a native of Banaras (Varanasi), a city resonating with spiritual and emotional significance, my artistic journey is an exploration and reflection of the raw, serene, and organic existence within this mystical realm. Most of my artworks are deeply rooted in the ethos of Banaras, drawing inspiration from its spiritual aura, emotional resonance, and organic vitality.My artwork delves deep into the profound symbolism of black and white, unravelling their intricate relationship with the essence of life itself.” – says Dr. Udipti Jaiswal

The group show invites one to witness the convergence of these diverse artistic expressions, promising a visual journey through the realms of sculpture, painting, Drawing, ,Printmaking, Applied Art, and photography, forms.

Partcipating artist, Prof. (Dr.) Amargeet Chandok ,Ms. Anupama Kumari ,Smt. Archna Sharma ,Sh. Ashok N. Ninawe ,Dr. Chirravuri Omkarachari,Dr. Karunesh K. Kain ,Dr. Kumar Jigeeshu ,Sh. Manoj Kumar ,Prof. (Dr.) Meera Saravanan ,Ms. Neeti Joshi,Ms. Neha Singh ,Ms. Nidhi M. Sharma,Sh. Pardeep Kumar ,Sh. Pulkit Jawa,Raj Kumar Panwar ,Sh. Rajkumar H. Mahajan ,Ms. Reshma ,Dr. Rimsy Chopra ,Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Kumar ,Smt. Sangeeta Kaushik ,Dr. Sumita Kathuria ,Dr. Udipti Jaiswal ,ex-faculties and eminent artists, including Ms. Anupam Sud, Prof. Biman B. Das, Padam Shree, and Prof. Niren Sen, grace the invitee section, adding to the richness of the exhibition.

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