About the artist :

Dr. P. S. Sethi (b. 1957) is a Delhi-based artist. As a professional medical consultant, art is a product of combustion and a place of meditation for him. His style is minimalist abstraction in pastels. The artist uses a variety of techniques and colors to allow him to express his thoughts and feelings, especially by creating emotional states and playing with the atmosphere. Just as he is a blend of science and spirituality, his paintings are a beautiful eclectic mix of these influences.

Exhibition at IHC:

Dr. Prithipal Singh Sethi, a Delhi based family physician by profession and a passionate artist is going to exhibit his recent paintings in his solo exhibition titled “Celestial Symphony” at the Open Palm Court Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi from 12th to 17th October 2023. Art, for him, is a product of burning passion and meditative relaxation. With minimalistic abstraction in pastels, he maneuvers the scales of hue, chroma, and mode of application to add dimensionality, thus creating varied moods and atmosphere. Dr. Sethi’s art journey is an exploration of the spiritual and mystical, where art becomes a bridge between the known and the unknown. 


Amidst the bold brush strokes and myriad colours, a realm of wonder and contemplation is created, transcending the boundaries of the tangible to awaken the soul and stimulate the mind. Within the mesmerizing abstracts that mirror the vastness of the ancient wisdom of the cosmos, the ethereal meets the earthly in this curated collection. As this pale blue dot that we call home traverses the vast ocean of the cosmos, thoughts like micro-pixels swim, skim, and swarm in our minds. Each carries emotional energy, which when crystallized into a tangible expression forms the language of art, dance, or music.


The artist, Dr. P.S. Sethi, is a practicing family physician with a deep passion for abstract expressionism. “Different thoughts, moods, vibes, and visions coalesce in the deep recesses of my psyche,” he says. “To me, this inner churning seems orchestrated by The Master conductor. As I paint, I am not driven by conscious thought, but rather, I feel like my hand is guided by The Master who expresses through subtle gestures and ties the magic together.” Art is the sacred confluence of the ethereal and the unstruck resonance between the beholder’s eyes and the artist’s beating heart. The outer world dissolves in this suspended surreal communion. Experience communion with pieces that evoke introspection and connection with the divine. Let the subtle nuances of each creation whisper ancient secrets and timeless truths, as the artists’ visions intertwine with the unseen forces that shape our world.

Flight of Phoenix

He has participated in various group and solo painting exhibitions. His first solo show was at Shridharani Art Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam. He also held a solo exhibition at AIFACS. New Delhi. For his exceptional contribution in this field, he has been awarded with “Icon of Art” consisting of a plaque of honor and a citation by Indian Medical Association, New Delhi Branch.

Exhibition date and venue : Open Palm Court, IHC, Delhi from 12th – 17th October 2023.

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