“IDENTITY”- An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures

“IDENTITY”- An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures

By contemporary artists – Asif Shaikh, Zakir Husain Tanha, Ram Kumbhar

Jehangir Art Gallery

Auditorium Hall

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Asif Sharief Shaikh –

He mostly works in Acrylic colours on canvas, He has been deeply obsessed by Nature & its wonders in different seasons, panorama of nature, his real life experiences and their memoirs. His drawings showcase the visual impressions/ memories that shape his idiom. They illustrate inspirations from the rustic earthy life from rural Maharashtra. He distills the recognizable iconic images into basic elements. So his ethereal language is born out of ephemeral impressions of the wavering and splitting sun rays on water, the cattle walks on dusty roads and hovering twilight. A deep obsession with leaves, vivid trees and their trunks, plants, moss gathered on wet walls, rustic steel plates stones of vivid sizes, earth and their everlasting impact on his sensitive mind alongwith the impression of their close interactions, marvellous associations with the surroundings through fragrance/ aroma spread everywhere form various colourful flowers, petals etc find a prominent place in his works. Also, he is fascinated by their affectionate proximity and the resulting happiness or pleasantness that originates from such iconic ingredients complemented by the brightness of sunlight, the glittering of stars, chirping of birds, butterflies, mists, dew and other wonders of nature in different seasons.

Zakir Husain Tanha –

His recent series ’Bint-e-Hawwa’ deals with one of the contemporary issues about the importance of females in a society. Working in Acrylic colours on canvas with a free creative mind, his works illustrate his day to day experiences, environment, social issues and nature, science etc His works mainly travel between many art movements like surrealism, realism, abstraction etc in an artistic manner. He has highlighted superb human quantities like mercy, affection, attachment, affinity, innocence, kindness, love etc in a woman in apt perspectives and arenas of his works and also a symbol of knowledge, beauty, freshness, enthusiasm, colours, energy etc that enhance the emotional aspect of any woman. His thematic works are very perceptive and unique as well as aesthetic.

Ram Kumbhar –

His works are the unique identity of the creative instincts and skills in him and he is known as a creator of this work in the present art world. His latest series of water bubbles, balloons, series of bubbles etc exemplify the creative endeavours made in S S & MS, Metal, Brass & SS fibre etc. They denote the life experiences on regular basis and render ample joy, pleasure, curiosity, happiness etc to all viewers due to their compositions and supreme visual perspectives in the apt arenas of fine arts. His bubble series & other series being eloquent and transparent always share dialogue with the viewers leading to their joy and good appreciation

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