Chitrakathhi Art Gallery Presents – “Colours of Life”

Chitrakathhi Art Gallery Presents - "Colours of Life"

From 8th May to 7th June 2023 at Chitrakathhi Art Gallery, Shraddhanand Road, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai

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Currently on display at the Chitrakathhi Art Gallery in Vile Parle, Mumbai, is a group art exhibition featuring the recent works of five esteemed contemporary artists: Vitthal Hire, Pradip Sarkar, Ashif Hossain, Deepak Patil, and Paras Parmar. The Chitrakathhi Art Gallery, established in 2020, is the brainchild of Anuradha Raikar, a well-known architect and fervent art enthusiast. An alumna of Mumbai’s Sir J. J. College of Architecture, where she earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree, Anuradha Raikar, after attaining a high level of expertise and recognition in her career as a practicing architect, harbored a deep-seated desire to create a meticulously designed art studio. Her vision for this studio was to offer her services for the promotion and dissemination of visual arts to the wider community.

Vitthal Hire: His watercolor compositions on paper are a testament to his mastery of both the medium and technique, skillfully enhancing his artworks with the desired visual appeal. His predominant focus revolves around capturing the daily lives and hardships of individuals in rural settings, shedding light on their unique lifestyles and struggles.

Pradip Sarkar: Through his creations, he has eloquently conveyed the essence of art, reflecting a profound affection for music and harmony. His artistic focus lies in exploring the spiritual and cultural dimensions of society, crafting imagery that seamlessly intertwines Vedic meditation and the principle of self-discipline, establishing a connection between the individual soul and the universal spirit.

Ashif Hossain: He is an artist whose acrylic paintings on canvas beautifully capture the delicate intricacies of the spiritual essence and timeless religious sanctity connected to the Benaras Ghats. His creations possess a distinctive quality, characterized by their unique visual appeal achieved through skillful use of color combinations. These works are a testament to his mastery of visual arts, where he skillfully balances harmony and rhythm within the framework of proper perspective.

Deepak Patil: His mastery in Oil Colors showcases a mesmerizing blend of reality and imagination, skillfully expressed through his art. His use of transparent and fluid brushstrokes imparts an otherworldly quality to his paintings. By seamlessly intertwining vivid and subdued hues and expertly playing with light and shadow, he achieves a remarkable sense of harmony and balance in his artwork.

Paras Parmar: His abstract creations exhibit a delicate yet dynamic quality, resonating with a vibrant and energetic essence. They frequently convey the potent impact of his brushstrokes, symbolizing the evolving autonomy of his inner vision, reminiscent of dream-like perspectives. Through vivid acrylic compositions on canvas, he portrays his life’s challenges, which he explores with unwavering determination to seek solutions.

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